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Leather Industry

Digital Printing Applies in Leather Industry As we know digital printing is widely used in many fields for sample making and bulk production. It is especially well known in phone case and usb flash disk industry. And for leather industry, although ...

LED UV Flatbed Printer

星投体育 small led UV flatbed printing machine can print directly on phone cases, business cards,metal, leather and any other flat material, which has C M Y K and 4 white ink, being able to print on black and soft materials. The white ink can print ou ...

Business Card Printing Machine

Printing on business card, PVC card and USB card, which mould of digital flatbed printer in our company is more suitable ? You may be doubtable about what I am recommending to you, but please give me  chance to analyze about it. Business ...

Gift Items

Promotional gift items as a personalized fashion are a great way to display your brand or to show your clients   for advertising purpose. Customers often perceive products that come in a box as better quality if your gift boxes come with fu ...

Advertising Industry

For advertising industry,attractive pictures design and well-printing on media are very important.Especially for outdoor advertising, printing result requires water proof,uv proof,scratch proof.The printing images should can keep at least 2 years.Gat ...

T-shirt Printer

Do you want to own a unique T-shirt? Do you want to DIY a T-shirt special for your kids, your lover and your family? Do you want to open a workshop for the T-shirt printing business? Imagination is unlimited; 星投体育 can give you a complete ...

Food Flatbed Printer

FB3350 Food flatbed printer used the edible inks with C M Y K colors,being able to print directly on marshmallows, biscuits, cookies, chocolates, cakes and candies like m&ms,smarties, mints, lollipops and so on. There are many design id ...

Architectural Industry