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Business Card Printing Machine

Printing on business card, PVC card and USB card, which mould of digital flatbed printer in our company is more suitable ? You may be doubtable about what I am recommending to you, but please give me  chance to analyze about it.

Business card printing machine FB3358 business card printing machine has C M Y K and 4 white ink, which can print directly on plastic, metal, wood ,PVC or ABS materials. For the first point we would like to tell you is that the white ink can print on black or other deep materials, By this printer, you don't need to worry about materials limitation.

For the second point, white ink can print out 3D and embossing quality, which is more scratch-resistant and water-proof . Compared with the coating PVC card printers, you can save lots of time for spraying coatng and coating room if using our digital UV business card printing machine.

Usually speaking, for some plastic materials, the uncoated flatbed printer will burn the shell, if using FB3358 with UV inks, you don't need to be worried about this.

More importantly, FB3358 with the print size 27*55cm, is the best choice for customizing with attractive price.