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Glass Printing

What if the wall of the coffee shop is totally different from others ,whether you are willing to stay a little longer and drink there much more frequently. What if the wall of the whole library is full of elegent atmosphere, whether you will feel life is full of energy? Your answer may be "Yes", but how ? how to create this kind of atmosphere may be a question, right?

星投体育 Technology Industry CO.,ltd established in 1997, with more than  10 years' experience in manufacturing flatbed printing machine. In order to meet all clients' need, we have researched and developed a new mode FB6638 large format glass UV printer, whose print size is 1600mm*1000mm with the max print height of 150mm. 

The unique feature of this glass UV printer is not only the size, but the printhead and the special glass UV inks as well as its much faster print speed than Epson printhead. You can print 16 square meters per hour with the resolution of 4pass. And here are some glass printed quality enclosed as follows for your reference.

At this moment, you may be doubtful about the truth about the quality and may wonder whether the print color will fade away as the time goes by. We are very pleased to print your blank glass samples and send to you for the further testing.

If you are interested to know the printing process about the glass UV printing, please kindly leave your contact details, the printing videos and specification of our FB6638 could be sent as soon as possible to you. Many thanks!