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Leather Printer

UV Printing for Color Based Leather Product Printing 

Recently years with the printing technolgoy developing, there are more solutions for leather product printing. Now the uv printer is able to print white ink, which makes it possible for digital printing on color based leather products. It means that we can print on black leather phone cases, red leather bags, and brown leather shoes, etc.Digital uv printing lowers the cost to develop new products, and enables company to custom designs on leather product at low cost. 

Chemical Risistant Printing on Leather Products

Fast & easy is a big advantage for digital uv printing. And another advantage makes digital uv printing popular in many fields is the printing durability. 

As led uv ink is chemical risistance,the printing is water proof, uv proof and scratch proof. To a degree digital uv printing will be more durable than ecosolvent printing. For products such as phone case, it is not necessary for us to make any protection layer after printing. Digital UV printing machine makes it possible to print high quality & chemical resistant image on color based leather products. Because of the low cost to custom small quantity printing, the leather printer becomes popular among studios and factories. 

Samples printed by our uv digital flatbed printer.


For leather products printing, we have 9060 & 2513 digital printers which can print on any color based leather product. More information about our 9060 size Model GJ5038 2513 size Model GJ5088

Other model could do the some work, please feel free to contact our sales to get more information.