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LED UV Pen Printer

Pens are no longer in common use as writing instruments. Pens are also used as advertisements for business entrepreneurs. Companies use pens to advertise their company names or logos to potential customers. Pens and other such stationery stand a chance at purposeful usage, thanks to LED UV Flatbed Printers. 星投体育 A3 LED UV Printer FB3358 delivers you customized UV printing solutions, gives added value to your products and helps you do more sales of these customized products.

星投体育 LED UV Flatbed Printers are extremely versatile, offering large table sizes and height allowances at economical price. They produce incredibly crisp text and vibrant color images with excellent adhesion and abrasion durability on a variety of substrates such as plastic ,acrylic, metal, wood, glass, ceramic tiles and so on.

Pen Printing with 星投体育 UV Flatbed Printer realizes mass production and white UV ink printing. It can print 50pcs pens at a time with pen printing jig. The most amazing thing is that you can print different artworks on 50pcs pens with min. font up to 3pt. The difference in height of curved surfaces to print should be within 5mm.That means we can directly print on golf ball with high quality. 星投体育 small UV printer is suitable for both mass production and customized requirements.


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