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LED UV Phone Case Printer

LED UV phone case printer with the print size of 27*55cm, has C M Y K and 4 white color, which can print directly on plastic,metel, PVC, leather as well as PTU case.

With its futures:high brightness, clearness and resolution, good color recovering and long service life, here we'd like to share with you about our UV phone case printer's color reducibility.

Printing out 3D and embossing quality available, this phone case UV printer can also print directly on the black and any other deep color cases.

Yeah, there is no doubt that this printer is the best choice for printing on phone cases or other materials need high print resolutions, because this UV flatbed printer FB3358 can print 1mm clear English words.

In order to satisfy most clients' printing needs, we have pushouted soft UV ink for printing on deep color leather,soft PTU, PU materials without any crack.