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T-shirt Printer

Do you want to own a unique T-shirt?

Do you want to DIY a T-shirt special for your kids, your lover and your family?

Do you want to open a workshop for the T-shirt printing business?

Imagination is unlimited; 星投体育 can give you a complete solution for customizing your t-shirts.

星投体育 FB3350 T-shirt printers are using 5 color eco environmental ink (C,M,Y,K,W). Printing size is 32*55cm, max printing height is 17cm,max resolution is 5760*1440dpi. With our T-shirt printer, you can print any kind of artwork or photos on your own T-shirts, no mater White or Black shirts.

The operation is very simple; You just put the T-shirt on our printing jigs, then click the software for printing. Please check our printing video as below:


Fashion T-shirts in our real life: