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Wood Printing

Nowadays, more and more people choose wood to decorate their new house, shop, collect chamber, or other places, as its beautiful, durable features, natural species of wood, which can be a good representation of a person's quality life. But how to make your new house different from others, not only it can be decorated by designers, but also can be designed the personalized pictures by yourself ! So you may need one LED UV printer to meet your demand.

星投体育 Technology Industry Co. Ltd founded in 1997, as a manufacturer and exporter of digital flatbed printers over 10 years'experience, which is dedecated to providing professional uv printing solutions for various industries. We can provide customers qualified flatbed printers and effective services. In order to meet more client’s demand, we transcend our regular print size such as A3,A2,A1 and produce larger format uv printers. Now we launch the newest product A0 LED UV printer FB3398+, whose print size is 2500mm*1220mm, it could be applied to various areas like kitchen MDF,wood doors, wooden tables, home decoration and other construction materials.

FB3398+ not only has large printing size, but also has fast print speed, as it is double Epson print head, which could achieve 10 square meters per hour. It adopts eco friendly uv ink which is high resoluiton, rich color gamut, excellent color gradient, good uv durability. And here are some wooden printed samples as follows for your reference.

Professional questions you may have, whether it’s stable for such a large-format printing machine. We adopt aluminuim mould beam and use strong dual lead rail design, while the head movement is guided by ultra-wide rail positioning operation, which will be much more accurate and stable for the printing effect.

If you have interest to know the printing process about the wood UV printing, please kindly leave your contact details, the printing videos and specification will be sent to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your attention!