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Company profile

星投体育 Technology Industry Co. Ltd has been manufacturing flatbed printer since 2004,  and now is one of the earliest flatbed manufacturer in China. Our factory is located in Dongguan which is about one hour away from Guangzhou city. Our products have been widely used to many different industries such as output centre,phone case production house and gift shops.

We have a very strong R & D team with 10 years flatbed experience, so we can devolop new products to fit the market needs, which will also ensure that we can launch new products every half year. We also have a big after sales team who can provide good after sales service like 24 hours on line service, Quality Assurance, training videos etc. 
星投体育 brand pursuits

Good Price
Great service

We have been selling our products all around the world. Looking forward to dealing with you in the near future soon!