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Dear Mr. David,We are happy to inform you that the First printer has been installed properly. Thanks for your cooperation.


Hello David. Thank you for your help. Printer is so good packed that we do not need to repack it. Also thanks for your quick job. If we need more goods, we will contact only your company.

Elena Prikhodko

We bought the FB3304 eco solvent printer from 星投体育 in 2012.We have been dealing with China for over 30 years but the service that I got from David and Nate is unique and resembles more to European or American standards.Very soon, we will need to buy more printing machines. For the above reasons we will most probably buy the new machines from you, knowing that we will have a very strong technical backup support from Nate.

Dino Checri

I am quite satisfied with the printing quality of FB3320 printer.It helps me to sell much more phone cases in Poland.I am happy that I finished printing 5000pcs cases quickly.That is why I bought FB3328 uv printer again for more printings.

Szymon Szydzik

Glad for our cooperation! I want to say thank you very much.The printer is working well.We start ro print,the quality is wonderful.

Grishanov Pavel

We, Thermoflan company exclusive dealer in France, for 星投体育 machine confirm that the machine FB give us total satisfaction. We sold around 150 machines in the last 6 years and the machine fit our request. If there is any problem with the machine, the technical support is reactive. We are confident with this company and now we work in friendly relationship.

Jean-Luc Moureau

I bought the 星投体育 FB3304 Crystal eco solvent printer at the end of March,2014. We have tested printing on a flat glass and the ink was great. I love the quality of printing, looking forward to printing on a crystal product and see how it will look


The printing quality of FB3368 UV printer is good I like it. Thank you for your good machine!!!


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